I really like the drive, especially the audio master and tattoo features. CloneCD Reading Tests 6. Anybody experiencing the same problem? The results however are not very good, according to our tests. This allows for more flexibility in how the laser burns to CD-R, making the drawing of visible images possible. We made some sample designs and containing words and some logos, as you can see below.

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Drawing visible designs on a disc is no easy task.

I went so far as to uninstall nero everything, and even wiped the registry of ahead yamaha crw-f1e nero entries, and re-tried, and it worked, tried it yamaha crw-f1e or 5 times, then rebooted cause i was recovering a HD and installing a new one, and after that I tried today, and again, a coaster was made.

DiscT 2 images on Cyanin dye resemble a light water coloured picture. RW-Packet Writing Tests You can now etch a memo, your signature, photo thumbnails or your company’s logo right onto the bottom of the disc. This probably can be solved with a new firmware upgrade from Yamaha.


I wonder if it’s because I use the Audio master recording feature a lot These are the little chunks of data that get written to disc. The same section is repeatedly played d. The left chart shows how writing speed on the CRW-F1 accelerates during a burn. DiscT 2 – Page 2 The C1 error goes to thousands as soon as I started the CD-speed, and keep registering errors continously. Its spindle motor speed is completely maintained at RPM while it increases its writing speed.

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I really like the drive, especially the audio master and tattoo features. D1e cases were the inserted media did not support the 44X speed or a close to that yamaha crw-f1e, the OWSC lowered the writing speed to maintain better results, with a cost in the writing time, of yamaha crw-f1e.

Oghma Gamand pakistan beauty blogger, youtuber and a publisher created this blog just for cre. Leave this field blank. The application allows users to change the track order or erase a track on a CD-RW yamaha crw-f1e audio files.


DiscT 2 takes things further and breaks free from the limitations yamahw by normal EFM patterns. DiscT 2 images can be burned with high-contrast on Azo media.

After the writing stage is completed you can fill the remaining outer cwr of the disc with text and data such as the names of the songs or files on the disc, personal signatures or company logos, creation dates i. Usually a recording application will supply a CD recorder with raw digital data, to which the recorder’s hardware adds header and error correction information, and then converts it to what is known as EFM Eight-to-Fourteen-Modulation patterns.

Recently, I hamaha using the writer to burn regular data CD. This allows for more flexibility in how the laser burns to CD-R, making the drawing of visible images possible. Of course a user can disable OWSC, but having faster write speeds and therefore lower recording times could have the effect of increasing the risk of unreadable CDs.

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Have you sent an email to the techs ahead? Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge. This allows for more flexibility in how the yamaha crw-f1e burns to CD-R, making the drawing of yamaha crw-f1e images possible. When I mean a lot of C1 errors, I meant a lot.

It begins at 19X and then smoothly accelerates to 44X in the outermost area. It showed a lot of C1 errors in the thousands. Is my Yamaha dying?

Yamaha 44x24x44x CRW-F1E (IDE) CD-RW

A CD recorded according to a usual technology has a much. We cannot hide our anxiety to test this drive and to compare it with the current leaders in this recording race from Asus, CyberDrive, LiteOn and others. Actually yes I am, at first I didnt update it, but when this problem occured I did, but to no avail, so based on your reply, you dont use the yamaha much if at all, so its not your everyday burner, that might be why the problem doesnt arise, like I said it works intermittently.

Graphic images can only be placed outside of the already-written area, in order to avoid data loss.