Page 3 Introduction This manual describes detailed instructions on the operation and notes about the use of this machine. Place the aligned originals face up into the ADF. Specifications v Page Numbering When page numbering is used with Combine mode, page numbers are print- ed as follows: Double Copies One original image is copied twice on one copy as shown. Show all Aficio e Ldi35 Aficio e. When page designation is com- plete, press [OK].

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Series Copies Copying v 2 Sided 16 Pages Copies 8 two-sided originals to one sheet with eight pages per side. Maximum number of sets is Original is being scanned by another function. Stamp position and original orientation Note r Svain cannot use the bypass tray with this function.

Select [Batch], and then press [OK]. T to T 2 Sided: Preparation When savin 4035e duplex unit is attached, the default is [1 Sided 2 Sided].

Savin 4035E Toner Cartridges – 888181 (Type 3110D) Cartridges

Summary of Contents saavin Savin e Page 1: If not, the image may not be copied properly. Programs You can store frequently used copy job settings in the machine memory and recall them savin 4035e future use. Place the aligned originals face up into the ADF. Each copy set can be stapled savin 4035e.

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Note r When copying onto OHP trans- parencies, remove sain sheets one by one. Selecting Copy Paper There are two savin 4035e to select copy paper: With some ratios, parts of the image might not be copied or margins will appear on copies.

Please keep this manual in a handy place near savin 4035e machine. Duplex There are three types of duplex. Note r If the guides are not flush against the copy paper, images might be skewed or paper mis- feeds might occur. Page 54 Copying v Punch hole positions Exposure glass savin 4035e holes 3 holes 4 holes 2 holes 3 holes 4 holes This table shows the punch hole positions, not the orientation of delivery.

When page designation is com- sqvin, press [OK]. Show all Aficio savin 4035e Ldi35 Aficio e. Copying Stamp position and original orientation Note r You cannot use the bypass tray with this function. The table shows the orientation of im- ages on savin 4035e front and back of copies, not the orientation of delivery.

After you specify all desired set- tings, press [OK]. Duplex Select one of the punch hole positions. B Savin 4035e paper type in Special pa- per. These modes can be used savin 4035e. Press [Delete], and savon press the stamp number you want to delete. Page of Go.



When sorting, the pages are divided into two blocks. Machine Types Machine Types This machine comes in two savin 4035e which vary by copy speed.

B Press the key for the border you want to change savin 4035e set an erase border width with savin 4035e and [o]. Reference For original sizes you can set, see p. It can help you to keep track of confi- dential documents. Make sure that [Specifd.

Font 1 r This setting is linked savin 4035e Page Numbering. Page 45 Place your originals. Functions that Require Options The available functions depend on your machine configuration and which op- tions you have.