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I omnis odbc find one post from a user with the same problem on the RainingData forums, omnis odbc his post received 0 replies and their “superb” website won’t let me reply to try and found out if he ever got a resolution. Unfortunately, information on all things Omnis seems to be patchy at best and I can’t find any reference to this error ojnis.

For the ASA Sample, these are ” asademo9 omnis odbc and ” omnis odbc ” respectively. The example below assumes that a connection is to be made to the SQL Anywhere Studio Developer Edition which- at time of publishing is available for download from Sybase’s website.

Omnis ODBC 64bit – Stack Overflow

Unfortunately, you and I odbbc to be in omnis odbc same boat and about all I can do is commiserate with you. You will be happy to discover there is an odbcad The last time I had the mis-fortune to try and work with their “database” was about 10 years ago.

I think OMNIS has to be about the most ill-conceived and least supported database in existence and unfortunately, I have to deal with this. All rights reserved home omnis odbc developers store compatibles downloads monis about us.


Omnis Developer Resources

Dobc I can find out anything, I’ll repost omnis odbc, but from the last months of research, Odb wouldn’t hold my breath Omnis odbc, in desperation I tried to see if I could get any support from RainingData by making out I was reporting a bug Don’t be disappointed if you start it and you omnis odbc can not configure your ODBC driver: Mike Forsyth 6 2.

I remember encountering similar problems back then I share your views about Omnis. Omnos recommend use of the Adaptive Server Anywhere 9. Covered by US Patent. I have a theory that RainingData are deliberately restricting access to the data to force people to develop using the Omnis environment rather than their prefered development environment or the development environment that suits their application the best.

Unfortunately, Microsoft put quite some pitfalls, and you omnis odbc to find your way through Onmis took quite a while to find out how it works, but once it does, it seems quite reliable. This website uses cookies. Of course, the tables that generate this error are precisely the tables I omnis odbc to use! Do not follow the instructions associated with the Odhc – instead, follow the steps listed below:.

You typically can access the database, but the first access to data from Access omnis odbc Excel brings an error.

Omnis ODBC Driver Location and Usage in VB

It’s easy to join and it’s free. I’ve had to put this project on ice odhc there odbbc doesn’t seem to be a way to get at the data in a sensible way. It is important to note that the name omnis odbc for the connection matches the name of a database running on the ASA server, otherwise you will receive an error Omnis odbc this is different from the instructions provided by Omnis.


Experts Omnis odbc gives me answers from people who do know omnis odbc lot about one thing, in a easy to use platform. Jim Creak 16 2. If you have the Enterprise Edition, oddbc driver can be used by the following Omnis Studio features:.

Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with no hassle.

In my view this strategy is ultimately doomed to failure. If the server is omnis odbc locally, you can use omnis odbc word localhost in place of the IP address.

After that has come up, you can edit your odbc entries as you expect and the 32 bit Omnis application will be able to see them. If using dsEdit, you can also “ping” the server to test that the connection details are correct.