Refers to the list of MIME types supported by the operating system. Intelligent connectivity, no need to code, no need driver , plug and play. Indicates the maximum standby time of the device in hours. Indicates a profile which contains more than a single hardware device. Many mobile browsers, by default, come with an operating system OS.

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The End-User may opt to decline these files. Universal bluetooth keyboard 2. Primary browser data are retrieved from the internal test and populated manually, then they might be validated against an external source such as Caniuse or RingMark.


Indicates if a web page is accessed from an application whose main function is not browsing the World Wide Web or managing emails, e. Indicates the number of frames per second the television can display in Hertz. A measure of the popularity of this browser version. Refers to the list of video codecs supported for tecysonic by a Chipset.

Indicates the official name of the graphical chip within the SoC. For devices such as tablets or TV which are predominantly used in landscape mode, the pixel width will be the larger value compared to the pixel height. In cases where there are several versions of the same model of the device, the price will reflect the device that was used to populate the specifications.

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Huizhou Pingfang Trading Co. Proprietary licence, no source available Non-free packages with status other than installed on AzureDream linux-restricted-modules- dei Non-free Linux 2. Indicates if the device supports 24p; a video format that operates at 24 frames per second. Tschsonic licence, no source available Non-free packages with status other than installed on akulinux linux-restricted-modules- dei Non-free Linux 2.

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PET security display stand for techsoni and tablet pcBS is a new product, which is very popular Indicates the expansion slot type the device can support. Indicates if the browser supports CSS3 transitions elements, used for animating changes to properties.

Indicates the weight of the device with battery in grams.

This property is not applicable for a device that does not have an integrated screen, e. Indicates the carrier when the device is sold by the HardwareVendor on a single carrier or as indicated via device User-Agent.

Indicates if the application is an email browser Outlook, Gmail, YahooMail, etc. Indicates the maximum general usage time of the device in minutes.


BRAND javascript is used to display the class. How Free Are You? For this purpose, the progress property should be used. This property will return ‘False’ for a device that does not have an integrated screen.

Laptops are not classified as mobile devices under techsoonic definition and so ‘IsMobile’ will be ‘False’. Ensures the link is touchable on a touch screen and not too large on a non-touch screen.

Indicates what certifications apply to this device. I saw this thread and gave it a try look at this: Shanghai Tianhe Pharmaceutical Machinery Co. Indicates if the browser techsonkc CSS UI stylings, including text-overflow, css3-boxsizing and pointer properties. If the device type is EReader then the device is not classified as a tablet.

Oh well, I’m happy with what it says: Indicates if the browser supports Viewport, to give control over view for different screen sizes and resolutions of devices accessing a website.

Indicates what ajax request format should be used.