Tweeter is still working ok. I posted that on a forum discussion about Yamaha NS speakers, and someone was able to get their NS tweeters rewound. Anyway, i will be getting the insurance money for these, and will have quid to spend on a new pair, i will spend more if needed, but only if the right thing comes along, i could stretch to By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When he needed to buy a driver, Harberth supplied one. I went for a replacement from HHB in the end. They are Harberth drivers.

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I have searched the forum for thread on Monitors, i found a thread on people wanting to spend a Grand, and cigcle someone spending quid, but not realy any in my price range. You can PM me off list and I can give you the make and model number.

You need an account to post replaxement reply. I can send pics if that helps. Make sure the dimensions are correct. You could order the replacement s yourself. All working now though.

HHB Circle 5 Active Studio Monitor With Damage Driver

Celestion Ditton 25 Studio Monitors. Did you just replace one cracked driver with the other original still working? Time for some upgrades in server hardware and software to enhance security and take AK to the next level.

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The uniquely designed crossover circuitry ensures the bass ramps down and the treble ramps up smoothly around the crossover point, creating a series of speakers that rplacement consistent throughout the range, and are never tiring to listen to, even during the longest, most demanding mixing session. Just wantiong to find out what to get and any advice realy.

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You must log in or ghb up to reply here. The monitors were never pushed, however an ex-girlfriend decided to dust my speakers with a can of compressed air, I was fortunate enough to stop her before she sprayed the second speaker.

Hb own 5 x Circle 5a, and lent a pair to a friend a few years ago. Seems like I will get an unmatched top end if I only replace 1.

Telefunken Stopped Working – help! All killer, no filler I’m not a fan of the KRK’s The do international shipping too. Audio Recording and Music Production.

SoundOfSoundApr 16, Anyway, i will be getting the insurance money for these, and will have quid to spend on a new pair, i will spend more if needed, but only if the right thing citcle along, i could stretch to Welcome to CAM, a classifieds site for used audio and hifi.

The speakers are still being manufactured by HHB to my knowledge, and they are identical in every spec to the originals except for color. Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by neevoApr 15, replaacement Also read in this forum, from an SOS writer, that Active monitors are good, when you spend a grand or over, so get passive if you spend under a grand.


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The feedback period is over for this ad, so feedback is no longer allowed. We had to shave some of the cabinet to get ours to fit. Since you swapped the drivers, it rules out the crossover.

HHB Circle 5 Passive Studio Monitors (Repair or use for Parts) For Sale – Canuck Audio Mart

The event stuff is pretty good by comparison to those If replzcement direct replacement is not available I would swap both tweeters. Happy to test the crossover. Hardware Browse all Hardware Ads Browse categories. I wonder whether the use of plastic in the cone construction is a problem over time?