This is an easy way to save some money. I go mine from Monoprice as they had the best prices. Joined Aug 16, Messages 9, Thanks 3, Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Most cards even in JBOD mode do this.

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Yeah I could always do a Live-CD of Ubuntu to do the test you’ve documented above, so that’s excellent!! So perhaps the next step is to just buy ECC ram, and give it a try with the existing Sempron and rocketdaid Gigabyte mobo You can do intel as well, but ecc support is limited based on the chipset which tends to be pricier as well as having a very restricted processor choice.

Installing HighPoint WebGUI on FreeNAS 9.10

Both have been largely issue free. Thread starter pixelbrain Start date Sep 30, Tags sgl rocket raid web gui.

Joined Nov 14, Messages 1, Thanks You can waste hours investigating hardware before purchase and still get it wrong! Googled around and i think it is something to do with the driver. Last edited by a moderator: Actually, your damn right and I was off. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Get the IBM M Joined May 17, Messages 1, Thanks As for the cost argument, it really isn’t much more expensive, especially if you go AMD.


I am thinking of running full install on a CF card even though it is not recommended just so I can get this card running as well as MySQL. DataHoarder subscribe unsubscribereaders users here now Who are we?

Here’s all the info you need to flash one to IT mode. It is basically a switch that has to be flipped in the bios in at least asus’ case although I presume it would be the same everywhere.

There are other atom-based boards with more SATA ports so you won’t have to buy a HBA If this is a business critical NAS, you should consider redundant power supplies and purchasing hardware with a good warranty Depending on the use case, you should definitely consider adding a SSD for caching.

Freenas – SATA Card?

That appears to be a dedicated RAID card. Double check before you buy. The hardware might be, but the FreeBSD drivers have always been pretty horrible. I have focused this build around the fact that I have an extra i7 sitting in a drawer gathering dust so I figured I might as well use it even if its complete overkill.


Here’s freenax Debian package – http: I have ZFS on both an ecc and non ecc computer.

Just as possible alternative, but OpenMediaVault might be an option for you if you’re looking into others. And if parts come mail order, days could be wasted in-between. A lot of people are championing ZFS. Intel is traditionally the only one who would lock out features in certain price ranges.

Rocketraid SGL management – XigmaNAS

I’ve seen people comment that the older does It imported as “da0” I need more time to toy with it though. Wherether you think it is worth it is up to you.

Among us are represented the various reasons to keep data — legal requirements, competitive requirements, uncertainty of permanence of cloud services, distaste for transmitting your data externally e. Will it require a driver to function in FreeNAS? After having written the above and just noticing you already had a