That might be harder depending on how much control you have over your 2D rendering library. Tks a lot, hope in your answer Lorenzo. I got it to turn on, but only one eye was showing. Episis leei oi epomenoi drivers tis nvidia tha exoun ensomatomeni ipostiriksi gia 3d glasses. Hi What exactly is your method can I dl what you use?? Unfortunately, it’s not overly useful, at least not initially.

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I would really like to see “my” approach widely adopted by the major OpenGL game engines: They also stated that at this time there were no licensees of the product. How weird is this magical StretchRect? Yeah, that should be no problem. Indeed, there are so few Automatic games that work perfectly with 3D Vision, even with the addition of the hardcoded profile database in the driver bleh!

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This feature alone puts the driver well ahead of the others. The cockpit view is fully 3D.

Sun Sep 22, 5: Three potential sub-issues to consider: This magic is incredibly annoying: Read the documentation very carefully and make sure you follow the rules for creating your Direct3D device and OpenGL textures and frame buffer objects. I think far to many people misconceive what frame rates mean and if wlsa are not getting fps they just feel substandard. It seems that it would be much harder to implement “3D Vision Automatic” for OpenGL, and there would be much more room for breakage.

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Of course I will post here when this happens. Let me elaborate that point: Actually, you can make things work faster than Direct3x because you can optimize: I know OpenGL pretty well, and just the thought of supporting direct3dd versions and extensions with something like 3D Vision Automatic terrifies me. This is very nice if you have a game that doesn’t agree with the 5.

So, all your surfaces will appear upside down. It’s really clever, actually: So, if you want 3D working for your app in windowed mode especially useful for testing during development then just rename it to “googleearth. If you don’t, glCheckFramebufferStatus will return an unknown error code.

Also there is absolutely no need to handle any different versions or extensions, I’ve been able to support games from to with basically no modification to my OpenGL code base. Well, you can, but I imagine it would be very hard to do in your code. I render each eye separately, and the rest is taken care of. The fact of the matter is that with 3d glasses you have to have VSync on in order for the glasses to track properly so therefore frame rates are going to drop.

Meant to be Seen – View topic – OpenGL to Direct3D to 3D Vision: yes, it works great!

While this may be true I didn’t notice a big enough drop to hinder my playing any game during any of my testing. Again I want to thank you for your work, as without it, it wouldn’t have been possible; Best Regards, eirect3d.

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I will however make an update in the future as I am able to get my hands on either an Asus board or a hacked driver that will allow it to be used on my GeForce 2. Just make sure you’re on WindowsXP and use old drivers is good I believe. But, that’s just a convention, and is not standardized. Makre sure that you test the return codes for every single API call until you get to the final StretchRect, to be sure that everything is OK along the way.

I’m very happy to announce that I’m sharing my source code with the world: Sat Mar 02, 6: The new Detonator drivers are compatible with most 3d glasses that I have tested so therefore almost anyone with an NVIDIA card can take advantage of these. This involves doing a StretchRect to your device’s back buffer surface, whereby the origin surface includes two side-by-side images and a special, magical NVIDIA signature in the last row. For example, it seems to ignore the source and destination rects, so you don’t have to set them: