Printing the Printer Configuration Print the hex dump. If you encounter problems that you cannot resolve, contact your dealer for assistance. If you notice misaligned printing, start this function and check and correct the vertical print alignment. Push the print head into the connector and hook the wire into place in the reverse order of removal.

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To exit the vertical alignment function without saving changes, turn the printer off. If the bars are aligned not jaggedgo to step 3.

Digital LA30W User guide |

The printer enters the Set-Up mode with this operation. Also called fixed pitch, monospacing is the opposite of proportional spacing. The data transmission rate reaches 5, characters per second at the minimum.

If the problem continues, contact your dealer to determine whether lubrication may be necessary. Open the top cover.

To cancel printing, use the cancel commands provided by your software or computer.

Digital LA30W Cartridges

See also Normal mode. Both models have a dual interface made up of Bitronics parallel and DEC serial. If you are using an DEC serial interface, make sure that the serial settings required by your software or computer are the same as the settings on the printer.


This guide explains how you can use your printer to full advantage.

Change the left margin from column 1 to column Experienced la330w can skip some of the details, using the table of contents and chapter introductions to locate specific information. A gradual la30e in print quality usually indicates a worn ribbon. Specify the physical right margin. The lighted indicator M1 or M2 shows the macro selected. The method you use depends on the capabilities of your software. You are ready to print using the selected macro.

Digital (DEC) LA30W Companion Printer 330 cps, LA30W,

Detailed procedures are provided for first-time users. Turn the power off. Options are shaded and skipped when they are not objects of selection because of the preceding option setting. Pressing the LF button advances the paper one line. Make sure the printer is in digitak Ready state no data to be printed.

Digital LA30W

Snap down the tractor unit into place so that the catches click on the rear studs. If the printer still has no power, contact your dealer. Clear figital adjustment Off — Off Press Lw30w. Select the same baud rate as that used by your computer or modem. PC USA 3: The printer has eighteen resident fonts: If this new value is not satisfying, repeat step 1 until the next new value is satisfying.


This function is useful to programmers or others who understand how to interpret hex dumps.

Platen to support the paper 6. If the printing test executes normally, l30w problem is being caused by the interface, the computer, incorrect printer settings, or incorrect software settings. This section explains how to switch between paper types. Spaces appear between characters in sequences for clarity; they are not part of the format.