Most of us grew up playing what we saw on TV, and consequently what we found on the shelves in our local proshops. Jack 5 years ago. I have sent you a couple of emails and my postal address since your last post without reply. A note on weight kits. Loft – 16 Degree 2.

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If you swing it well and get the right shaft, the difference in performance between an R11, G15, R11s, RBZ, Speedline, Krank, whatever is going to be negligible to average golfers. Jack, You are correct as Demos need to be available for golfers all over, and Demo Days through stores have been krajk only way to get these volume sales you speak of.

Yohanan 6 years ago. I hit it and liked it. I would think that would sell it more than anything else. I have tried em all and that shaft always seems to work for everybody. I have had issues with both of them at first, but the team at krank by me to return the clubs multiple times to make them right. Any brand that cracks in long drive competition is being abused anyway to my way of thinking.

First of all great write up!

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I love mine, colors and all. Can Krank Rage still compete with newer drivers?

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It is my contention that, more often than not, the only two things that separate big OEM products from smaller component brands are paint and polish. I want to try out your demos. Skip lrank main content.

Krank Rage Driver?

Once you get some of that all figured out then you can dump some money on a newer set up buuy have confidence in what you are getting is a better fit for you. When I took a closer look at consistency, or what the industry generally likes fage refer to as forgiveness, I found that across the board, for every metric that matters…ball speed, carry, accuracy; the numbers were much tighter, and much more consistent with the Krank. It is the talk of the Manawatu golf club at the moment.

I appreciate any and all feedback as this has to be an open convo on our end.

Krank Rage Black 9* Driver Graphite Aldila Authority Regular Flex

I won’t bore you with the details, but according to my daughter’s sight, much better than mine, the RAGE was over 25 yards longer in carry than my G5. Just point and shoot… Would love to test with different lofts and shafts to custom fit.

This club is for real and I cannot wait to hit it again. Blade 6 years ago. I sure would like to see it in the mix along with the Element in the upcoming driver testing. The more we talk to you the better we can get you right the first time.

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Any of these clubs may not necessarily be better for a given golfer than those produced by the more well known manufacturers, but they most certainly should not be dismissed without a try. But, once the RAGE was out, there really was no contest.

How or where can I try one? Dexterity – Right Handed.

I always test clubs at the local golf equipment dealers where I can hit them on the range before I decide if I want krsnk. All I did was call Krank and explain my problem, within the day I was picking up a different club from there shop.

Posted 06 September – When testing any club you need to use the same ball, shaft, weather conditions to enable a fair comparision. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. If I crushed it I might get yds. I raage it was a different shaft between the Rage and your gamer, but what were the spin and launch numbers?

Loft – 9 Degree.