This grounds the unit so that if your body is carrying a static electrical charge when you insert a PC Card, the unit will be able to discharge the static electricity without damaging its components. When you insert the PC Card again, the client driver re-initializes the card. The system assigns a drive letter to each partition based on the socket into which you insert the card. Typically, there is a write protect switch and a battery lock switch located in the card. The following drawing shows, in a simplified form, how to connect the cables.

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How do I get two? If a conflict exists, your system will hang.

Select the File System for the selected partition using the File System list box. Together, Card and Socket Services software identifies how many PCMCIA sockets the computer has and assigns resources to the sockets based on the requirements of each card. The Software documentation is copyrighted.

The CIS describes the characteristics and capabilities of the card so the host system can automatically configure it. The following is a typical default list: The CardTalk Control Panel displays a screen showing the progress during formatting.


The process to follow depends on the card type and how you intend to use it. Page 76 Index This message indicates one of the following problems and possible solutions: Align the red stripe on the cable whose end is labeled Drive with pin 1 of the board connector labeled Drive, and connect the cable. SYS is loading, you may receive this message after it displays the driver version and copyright notice: The main jobs of the Card Services driver are to: If the self test fails, Card Services, CardTalk and the client srwm will not load.

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Actiontec AU802C

The drivers cause the system to beep twice, when they do not recognize the card. Configure displays the Configure dialog box. Page 42 Installing the Software To approve the changes, type Y. Click on the Advanced button. As the boot process continues, the card services driver displays messages similar to the following: To change any of the settings, highlight Reselect Install Options and press Enter.

Windows must not be running during the installation.

If any of these items are missing or damaged, contact actipntec dealer immediately. If the switch setting and the software fail to match the Card Reader will not work. If, the CardTalk Control Panel is minimized, double-click to restore the main window.

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This option is not available in NT environments.

See the illustrations in Chapter 2, Installing the Hardware. CardTalk driver version for socket number must be at least V2.

The supported file systems are: Both appear as disk drives to the system. One moment please, checking hardware.

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Load your communications software program. Remember you are looking for Ationtec or CardWizard Pro to give two driver letters. If there are any, they must be removed. Package Contents As soon as you unpack the box, make sure you have all the necessary components. SYS driver assigns one drive letter to each socket when it loads during system startup. After installing the software, you must restart your system for changes in your configuration to become effective.