Click to find out more. For details see our base review on the GeForce4 Ti. This is a decent overall system benchmark with certain game tests placing emphasis on different parts of your system performance. Each one covers two memory chips. In closing, I’d like to recommend you to read our 3Digest where you can find detailed information on performance of these cards on different platforms. Well, if one of the two very similar cards has a faster memory and costs cheaper, and the other abjt for a fan, so what will be the choice? The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card.

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Lastly before we jump to the final analysis, a quick word about the anti-aliasing.

Abit Siluro GF4 MX-SE graphics card – GF4 MX SE – 64 MB Overview – CNET

Click to find out more. I’ve used the publically available demo version of SS2 rather than the full game so that you have something comparable if you wish to run the benchmarks yourself.

An aftermarket modification for the cost concious overclocker perhaps but outside the remit of this review sadly. So what’s under the hood? The chip operates at MHz. We used the four. Memory heatsinks add to the cost by a few dollars per unit and at this pricepoint they don’t make much financial sense when one of the main goals is to keep abit siluro gf4 mx-se costs as low as possible. The card ships in the colorful retail package which includes: As usual, take a look at the articles related with the GeForce4 Ti line.


The card ships in abit siluro gf4 mx-se Retail package which includes: I can’t recommend them except to those on a strict, tight budget. Here is the GPU revision A2. NV20 GeForce3 will still be around in limited numbers in some shape or form so we shouldn’t forget about it but it’s the new GeForce4 based products that are grabbing the headlines at the abit siluro gf4 mx-se.

Here are the scores: The new MX turned to be faster than the old one, but not at the expense of the AGP8x, but due to the higher clock speeds.

Each one covers two memory chips. Stable overclocks are obviously preferable to absolute on the limit clocks.


If you remember, the Game2 has a higher overdraw factor than other 3DMark tests, that is why it’s important that mechanisms of clipping of hidden surfaces work well. Video 3Digests Video cards: I abit siluro gf4 mx recommend them except to those on a strict, tight abut. abit siluro gf4 mx-se

At the lower resolutions, the GeForce4 MX holds its own. Abih, the GeForce4 Ti has abit siluro gf4 mx-se better performance. The core also features dual TMDS transmitters for dual-DVI digital output, again with different resolutions on mx-ss display, entirely in the digital domain with the final analogue conversion coming at the monitor not on the card.

We’ll see that in our benchmarks. The memory chips however aren’t cooled either actively or passively. The Abit is a decent performer considering what’s under the hood and abit siluro gf4 mx-se did overclock very well although being out first NV17 through the door, we have no other NV17 based cards to compare it with just yet.


Note that today there are already chips of the Mxx-se revision with the official marking. As well as the integrated features and raw performance figures, there are 3 technologies present on the GPU that are worth looking at before checking out the card abit siluro gf4 mx-se.

Game3 This test is something average abit siluro gf4 mx-se the previous ones, and the situation is very similar to the Game2, with the Ti performing a little better.

Overclocking the card doesn’t have much effect on performance which points us to the fact that we might be CPU limited but this is more due to the CPU having to do work that the GPU should maybe be doing, not because the GPU is mz-se idle.

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Abit Siluro GF4 MX-SE graphics card Specs – CNET

Performance I’ll take a look at card performance from a few angles. Dropping the graphics quality down would have an appreciable difference on performance but it’s nice to enable what rendering features you can. For estimation of 3D quality we used: